Senior Angular Front End Developer £50k+

  • Engineering
  • Cardiff, United Kingdom

Senior Angular Front End Developer £50k+

Job description

Prodigi Group is a technology and manufacturing business specialising in the creation and fulfilment  of high-volume, customised products. We help companies selling personalised products to simplify  their supply-chains and maximise their profits. We’re creating a platform which allows anyone to turn  any digital image into any physical product and have it manufactured anywhere in the world. We  consider ourselves an infrastructure business using software to build a global fulfilment network for  personalised products.


2019 has been a big year for us, with work towards growing our client base by heavy development on  a new Shopify app. We’ve expanded our fulfillment network to boost our product range and global  reach, and have recently acquired another print-on-demand company to further push forward our  solution. There is a very high demand for Shopify support from our clients and you will get to help  artists, illustrators, photographers, brands and bands across the world to build meaningful  businesses. You will have real impact.


Your role would be to take the lead with our frontend Shopify application. Mentoring more junior  members of the team in Angular and software development generally, as well as members more  familiar with different tech stacks and languages. You will be heavily involved in the overall direction  of our application, and will be relied upon to make decisions regarding its structure, build process  and code maintainability. 


We're a fast growing tech startup, with a great work life balance and a real interest in helping you  develop your career. 


We’d like to work with someone who... 


  • Is comfortable taking a lead on architecture and technology choices, and enjoys working  with other great developers. 
  • Takes the initiative - we’re a small company still, so we’ll expect you to take ownership of  whatever you work on.  
  • Wants to grow with us. As we continue to grow, you’ll be called on to take more  responsibility, mentor others and lead teams
  • Likes automation. Our tech team is currently 20 strong, and we process and print over a  million items a month. We manage this by automating aggressively. 



Our core tech stack 


  • Angular Framework 
  • NgRx
  • TypeScript
  • RxJS 

Experience that would be useful (though we’re open minded) 



  • Strong core JavaScript skills 
  • A good sense of design and UX  
  • Some understanding of functional programming in JavaScript  
  • You should know your way around HTML and CSS
  • Experience with Shopify integrations & application development would be great
  • Experience in SPAs and Progressive Web Apps
  • Experience with React/Redux
  • We use lots of other stuff too - but if you’re the right candidate, you’ll enjoy picking up any  new tools or frameworks you don’t already know.